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2018 Agenda with Presentations


Power of the Past — Shaping the Future: Innovation Matters

Agenda with Bios and Presentation Links

June 13 – 15, 2018 — Chicago Hyatt Regency


WEDNESDAY, June 13, 2018

2:00 p     General Session: Welcome and Introductions: Vision, Mission & New Ideas
Speakers: Dave Asselin, President, Travelers Aid International
3:00 p     General Session: Innovation and Trends in Social Issues that Intersect with Transportation
San Diego has two distinct Social Service transportation programs – Family Reunification in conjunction with the Downtown Partnership and Senior Rides. This will be a facilitated discussion on how a Travelers Aid organization can continue to evolve to meet the needs of its locale.
Speaker: Kathleen Baldwin, President, Travelers Aid Society of San Diego

4:00 p     Social Services Concurrent: Open Forum to Discuss Pending Topics

4:00 p     Transportation Concurrent:  Innovation and Trends in Information Sharing
Using the latest technology to keep both your passengers and volunteers informed.
Speakers: Leanne Omland, Program Manager, and Tina Mally, Volunteer Coordinator, Travelers Aid/Reagan Airport


THURSDAY, June 14, 2018

9:00 a     General Session/Keynote: READI Chicago
Connecting people at highest risk for gun violence involvement to critical services – including transitional jobs, coaching, and cognitive behavioral therapy – has the potential to save lives and strengthen our communities. Find out about Chicago’s Rapid Employment and Development Initiative, an innovative model that cities can utilize to keep our communities safe.
Speaker: Eddie Bocanegra, Senior Director-READI, Heartland Alliance

10:00 a    Leadership and Social Services Joint Concurrent: Innovation and Trends in the Workforce 
New models being used to improve the effectiveness of workforce programs- including expansion of apprenticeship programs, building career pathways, and talent pipeline management.
Speaker: Julio Rodriguez, Deputy Director, Office of Employment and Training, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

Transportation Concurrent: Innovation and Trends in Customer Service
Learn fun ways to keep your volunteers interested and more invested. There are many exciting ways to offer valuable volunteer options to heighten the customer experience as well as identify customers needing social service more quickly and efficiently
Speaker: Scott Elmore, Vice President, Communications and Marketing, ACI-NA

11:00 a   Social Services and Transportation Joint Concurrent: Innovations and Trends in First Response
First Responders are typically not who you think – bystanders are often first on the scene of an accident or an incident. Learn about O’Hare’s Emergency Response Plan and how Travelers Aid fits in. The second half of the session will highlight Heartland Alliance’s collaboration efforts addressing the opioid crisis.
Panel: Tamara Mahal, Aviation Emergency Manager, Chicago Department of Aviation
Larry Kirkpatrick, Substance Abuse Counselor, Heartland Human Care Services

Iliana Espinosa-Ravi, Community Overdose Prevention Program Manager, Chicago Recovery Alliance

11:00 a   Leadership Concurrent: Leading Innovation and Change through Program Design
New sources for program design, implementation, measurement, and evaluation come from data-driven interventions, a strengths-based framework, a harm reduction framework, and a human rights perspective.
Speaker: Leslie Beller, Founder and CEO, MHL Labs

Noon Lunch with Speaker: Kieran Sheridan, Chief Operating Officer, Chicago Department of Aviation; Presentation

1:30 p     General Session: Telling Your Story: Data Research and the Power of Metrics
Data is powerful and has great potential for driving better human outcomes. Learn how to harness the power of data to tell your story and impact social innovation.

Speaker: Amy Rynell, Senior Director, Research & Policy, Social IMPACT Research Center

2:15 p     Social Services Concurrent: Innovation and Trends in Grant & Contract Management; handout
Transfer the focus of grant work from fulfilling funder requirements to fulfilling your mission and generating enthusiasm from the workforce and buy-in from the community. Move beyond paperwork to purpose-driven work.

Speakers: David Sinski, Executive Director, Heartland Human Care Services
Alexis ‘Ali’ Carella, Senior Research Associate, Social IMPACT Research Center

2:15 p     Transportation Concurrent: Innovation and Trends in Assisting Travelers with Special Needs
Learn about trends and innovation on a national level as well as an example of innovative collaboration between an airline and Travelers Aid program on a local level.

Panel: Eric Lipp, Executive Director, Open Doors
Peggy Brennan-Matyas, Supervisor – Performance and Strategy, United Airlines
Bryan Van Rees, Lead Social Service Supervisor, Travelers Aid/Chicago

2:15 p     Leadership Concurrent: Leading Innovation and Change through Partnerships
Collaboration is key to take on the complex challenges that nonpro ts face. What are trends in making knowledge sharing and power aggregation more effective?

Speaker: Omar Torres-Kortright, Executive Director, Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center


FRIDAY, June 15, 2018

9:00 a     General Session: Leadership in a Time of Great Challenge & Opportunity
Inspiring leaders are courageous in their thinking, relationships, attitudes, and behaviors, and enable others to be courageous and creative. Times of uncertainty present an opportunity for brave actions and a chance to empower your team to be change agents.

Speaker: BJ Walker, Director, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

10:15 a     Social Services Concurrent: Innovation and Trends in Asset Building
Far too many families in America are living from paycheck to paycheck. Living amid financial insecurity destabilizes families and jeopardizes the long-term vitality and resiliency of our communities. Lack of savings is a serious issue demanding a solution that not only educates people about appropriate ways to spend and invest, but also includes mechanisms for increasing asset ownership and asset protections to attain economic success.
Speakers: Theresa Gibbons, Director, Asset Building Programs, Heartland Human Care Services
Earlisha Blackmon Dinkins, Contract Outcomes Analyst, Heartland Alliance

10:15 a     Leadership and Transportation Concurrent: Innovation and Trends in Strategic Volunteer Management
Ideas to recruit, manage and motivate your volunteers.
Speaker: Caitlin Closser, Senior Manager, Volunteer Project Development, United Way Metro Chicago

11:00 a     General Session: Innovation and Trends in Organizational Response to Trauma
Learn more about trauma-informed approaches and interventions to aid both travelers in distress and the staff and volunteers who work with them.

Speaker: Kathryn Bocanegra, University of Chicago

Noon Lunch with Speaker: Celena Roldan, CEO, American Red Cross of Chicago and Northern Illinois, Presentation