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Answers to Some Frequent Questions to Our Travelers Aid Volunteers

Is there bus service between the airport and Hartford?
Yes, CT Transit operates the Bradley Flyer, which runs once an hour on weekdays and slightly less frequently on weekends. The bus trip costs $1.75 for adults, $1.40 for children, and $0.85 for seniors. The bus stop is outside Door 5 at the center median. Passengers can choose to be dropped off at Union Station in Hartford to connect with train or bus service in order to travel to south to New Haven or north to Springfield.

Is there a circulator bus in downtown Hartford?
Yes, the DASH bus operates weekdays from 7 am – 7 pm, and on weekends when there are special events occurring in Hartford.

Do the hotels in Hartford or Springfield offer shuttle service?
No, passengers who are staying in Hartford or Springfield will need to take a taxi, ride share, or bus/train to these hotels. Only the immediate airport hotels have shuttles.

Are there ride share options available at Bradley?
Yes, both Uber and Lyft drivers are available to take passengers to their destinations. Other ground transportation options are available.

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