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Concurrent Speaker: Peggy Brennan-Matyas

Innovation and Trends in Assisting Travelers with Special Needs

A Transportation Concurrent

Thursday, June 14, 2:15 pm


Peggy Brennan-Matyas

Supervisor, Performance and Strategy

United Airlines

Chicago, Ill.


Peggy Brennan-Matyas has worked for United Airlines for 40 years. She has held various positions and is currently a supervisor for performance and strategy at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.


Prior to her current position, Peggy has worked in various roles in the reservations division, including domestic and international sales, technical support, instructor and supervisor. While working in refunds she supervised a phone and web team and supported the transition of work to India. During her time in the Employee Service Center, she supported employees by answering calls, reviewing medical and family leave documentation as well as occupational and extended illnesses.


Peggy enjoys spending her free time with her large family. She is from of family of 10 and has 6 sisters and 1 brother, who all live within an hour of each other and she has 11 nieces and nephews.


She has been happily married for 32 years to her husband Sam. She has 3 adult step-children. She and Sam became grandparents one month after they were married. They now have 4 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.


She and Sam enjoy time away in their second home in Henderson, NV.