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Traveling By Boat

Cruise Lines Tips

General Tips

Consult your cruise line for specific travel requirements and information.

  • Some information is common among all cruise lines, but specifics will vary by carrier, port of departure and destinations.
  • All cruise lines maintain special websites to assist those travelers with disabilities.

Arrive Early

Advance checkin online may be required. Guest need to arrive at least 90 minutes prior to departure as the cruise line is required to provide the government with a departure manifest 60 minutes prior to sailing. Get your specific requirements when booking your cruise.

Prohibited Items

While weapons, illegal drugs and items that could interfere with the operation of the ship are prohibited, a number of other items also banned including alcoholic beverages, some electrical appliances, sports equipment including skateboards and hockey sticks, and explosives including fireworks.

  • Cruise lines also limit the amount of soft drink beverages that may be brought aboard and the size of coolers.
  • Each carrier maintains a web list of banned or restricted items.


If you are flying to your departure port, then any airline luggage limitation supersedes the more generous accommodations of your cruise line.

  • If you are driving to your port, check with your carrier. Cruise lines suggest that passengers keep in mind how much luggage they can handle as a general rule.
  • It is suggested passenger bring a small carry-on piece, which includes a change of clothing, valuable and medications, so their on-board activities are not delayed while waiting for their larger suitcases be delivered to their stateroom.

Bon Voyage

Family and friends cannot board the ship to send you off. They can see you off at the port and inside some terminals. Just like flying, there are government security rules in place limiting the access of non-ticketed passengers.