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Hours of Service

Travelers Aid Attracts 2,200 Volunteers

Volunteers Give Nearly 115,000 Hours of Service in DC, NYC

Travelers Aid International directly operates 5 information booth locations: New York JFK, Newark Liberty Airport, Washington Dulles, Washington Reagan and Washington Union Station. In 2015, nearly 740 volunteers donated more than 113,155 hours of service.


In addition to these 5 locations, more than 1,450 volunteers gave of their time to our other 39 locations. In most cases, each volunteer donated at least 12 hours per month or collectively more than 210,000 hours of service.

Most of our volunteers, more than 2,200, work at information booths at our 16 U.S. airports and the 7 train stations in the U.S., Canada and Australia. More than 150 volunteers work at our 32 social service provider members handling tasks such as serving meals, operating shelters and administrative services.