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Want to Join Our Network?

Local social service agencies and airports join Travelers Aid International to share ideas, tap member benefits

Travelers Aid International is an international network of 44 member organizations dedicated to assisting those in need. We help people from all walks of life in a variety of ways; each request for assistance is unique. Through both dedicated volunteers and professional staff, the help we offer is unbiased, providing to the best of our ability, directions, information, referrals and transportation assistance.

For 165 years, Travelers Aid organizations have been there when the unexpected happens. Today, our programs aid people who experience hiccups in their travel plans; we escort unaccompanied minors and seniors traversing our nation’s busy airports; we help reunite family members; we work with people who are escaping domestic violence; and we assist those who are stranded to find a way home.

Just who are our members?

We have 24 members who have been chartered or merged with a local Travelers Aid organization. Some of these members are now over 100 years old. As local organizations evolved from railroad or bus station assistance booths to caring for the homeless or others in need of assistance, some of them have adopted new names such as Hope Atlanta, Family Aid Boston, Families First Philadelphia, Community Link and Upward Transitions.

Other members have joined Travelers Aid International to take advantage for some of our member benefits, such as discounted Greyhound bus tickets, or our network of airport customer service locations. A number of locally established social service agencies, some are part of national networks, including the Rescue Missions, Catholic Charities and St. Vincent De Paul Society, have joined Travelers Aid International, specifically to use our exclusive bus ticket program as way to reunite stranded family members.

Why Join?

  • Updates to members on issues and “best practices” via the dedicated Members’ Only area on this website and quarterly newsletters.
  • Interactive Membership Directory to facilitate peer-to-peer communication.
  • Outreach and promotion of your programs on the Travelers Aid website.
  • Annual Leadership Conference with networking and educational opportunities.
  • Discount group purchasing program for office supplies, overnight mailing, and conference calling in partnership with the National Assembly.
  • Exclusive discount program for bus transportation with Greyhound Lines.
  • Technical Assistance


  • Social Service agencies – Contact David North, Director of Social Services Programs
  • Airports, Train Stations, Bus Depots – Contact Andrea Itkin, Senior Director, Transportation Programs