Travelers Aid Union Station Relocating

The Travelers Aid information booth inside Union Station was forced to close earlier this month as Amtrak begins to prepare the space for renovations of its waiting area. TAI President Kathleen Baldwin assisted by Board Members Susan Perry and Ross Capon have been working with a variety of entities that control space allocation within the historic building to find a new suitable location. At press time, a new temporary location has been found elsewhere in the station.
While the booth is closed, our social workers Willie Ringold and Shelia Dashiell continue to provide assistance. They can be reached at 240-505-4255.
Travelers Aid of Washington got its start at the train station in 1913. While it has not been at the station consistently for the last 100 years, it has been there ever since the building was renovated in 1970s.
Last year was the busiest yet for Travelers Aid. The 19 volunteers assisted 224,536 travelers with questions concerning Amtrak, the bus lines, local transit services and tourism. The social workers assisted an additional 1,476 individuals in crisis and provided 312 bus tickets to those stranded or homeless.
The new home for Travelers Aid will be in this former information pod on the bus deck at Union Station.