By the Numbers


A random review of monthly reports submitted by Travelers Aid members.

Travelers Aid/Bradley – The 53 volunteers at Bradley International Airport assisted 10,839 passengers in March.
Travelers Aid/Chicago – Volunteers assisted 74,216 passengers in March and the agency is now on track to pass the 1 million mark before the end of the year.
Travelers Aid/Dulles – Volunteers at Washington Dulles Airport contributed 4,100 hours in March to assist 106,514 passengers.
Travelers Aid of the Inland Empire – The volunteers contributed 1,510 hours in March to assist 7,504 guests of Ontario International Airport.
Travelers Aid/Reagan – The 213 volunteers at Washington Reagan Airport assisted 61,610 passengers in March – almost 20,000 more than in February.
Travelers Aid/Union Station – During the first weekend of April – the height of the Cherry Blossom Festival – volunteers and staff assisted more than 700 on April 6-7.
Travelers Aid/Will Rogers World Airport – Volunteers assisted 10,266 travelers – a hike of 2,299 in March compared to February.