New Strategic Plan Takes Shape

The Strategic Planning Committee has completed its draft of the three-year TAI growth plan and it is now circulating among the board and staff for comments and suggestions. The Board plans to adopt it at its June meeting so that it can be distributed to the membership at the 2019 Annual Conference in Charlotte.
TAI's strategic planning process began last October. It included the full membership of the Board meeting in a planning retreat in Washington on March 8-9 during which key goals were established for the organization to achieve over the next three years. The committee then met on April 2 and April 29, aided by former acting TAI president and subsequently consultant Valerie Graff, to refine the goals for presentation to the full board. 
The committee is composed of board members, Bruce Collins, Deborah McElroy and Joan Lowden; former HOPE Atlanta CEO Ed Powers; Travelers Aid Chicago’s John Ishu; TAI President Kathleen Baldwin; and Graff.