Kathleen Baldwin Selected as Next TAI President

The Travelers Aid International Board of Directors has selected Kathleen S. Baldwin,
the president of Travelers Aid Society of San Diego, to be the organization's next

Kathleen, who has led the San Diego agency since 2001, will assume the job in
Washington in mid-February. She has been a TAI board member for the last 13 years.

Valerie Graff will continue to serve as the interim president until Kathleen's arrival.

"We are delighted to have someone from our member organizations who has had
extensive experiences as a leader of a human service organization to take the helm at
this time," said Floyd Davis, board chair and president of Community Link of North
Carolina. "We are impressed with the way Kathleen has handled challenges in San
Diego and continues to move her agency forward. Her dedication to Travelers Aid and
their clients is inspiring. As the Board of Travelers Aid International re-dedicates its
efforts to strengthen the bonds among our members and add new members, we
believe Kathleen is the one to guide us."

When asked about assuming this role, Kathleen said, "I am honored and pleased to
take on the challenging role with Travelers Aid International that has been offered to
me. I am excited to lead this organization and the TAI network, which has tremendous
impact around the U.S., in Canada, and Australia. Together, we can continue to do
amazing things."

Travelers Aid Society of San Diego is a full-service member with seven employees
with more than five social service programs assisting more than 9,600 clients per
year. Among other projects, the agency created and has secured continued funding for
SenioRide, a transportation program for low-income seniors; Moving Up, a job
readiness and transportation program for the unemployed and the under employed;
and a Family Reunification program.

Travelers Aid continues to staff information booths at the Santa Fe Rail Station and the
Downtown Embarcadero. After losing its decades-long contract to manage more than
300 volunteers at the San Diego International Airport when it was taken in-house last
year, Travelers Aid now operates an additional information booth at the Cross Border
Xpress Terminal which serves the Tijuana International Airport.

Earlier in her career, Kathleen led Camp Fire Boys and Girls and Rainbow Island, both
in San Diego, as well as Rainbow Center for Exceptional Children in Yuma, Ariz.

She earned degrees from University of California and Pepperdine University as well as
participated in several leadership fellowships in the San Diego area.

We are delighted that Kathleen will take the helm at TAI to build a stronger