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Crisis Center is “More Brilliant”
Congratulations to Crisis Center of Tampa Bay! On Thursday, WEDU-FM, the PBS station for Florida’s West Coast, recognized Crisis Center with its Be More Brilliant honor in the station’s Be More awards ceremony. Crisis Center, which runs the 2-1-1 center in Tampa, established the Florida Veterans Support Line staffed by veterans working to assist their fellow vets.
Soon to be Appearing in Blue
Travelers Aid of the Inland Empire is making a color switch. The staff and volunteer were vested in red uniforms for years. The Ontario International Airport Authority is purchasing new uniform vests, wind breakers, scarfs and ties in blue. The new uniforms are due in this spring.
Assisting the TSA during the Shutdown
During the 35-day partial federal government shutdown, Travelers Aid/Chicago changed the protocol for escorting 9 severely injured military passengers to free up the time of TSA agents. The usual protocol required that TSA agents meet these injured individuals. With Travelers Aid meeting the individuals, the TSA agents did not have to leave their regular checkpoint posts. At times, the TSA was short staffed in performing its regular task, thus Travelers Aid action allowed them to focus on their primary job.