Thoughts from the President's Desk


I am writing to you in my third week as your President. I am very excited to be here and for the challenge of leading this wonderfully complicated, interesting, impactful, and long-standing (dare I say old?) organization. I am beginning to meet staff and volunteers, and I am tremendously impressed with the caliber, enthusiasm, and commitment I have encountered everywhere I have visited. The staff and volunteers are TAI’s greatest asset; I am so fortunate to have been chosen to work with all of you—staff, volunteers, and members. Together there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.


In the coming weeks I will be concentrating on learning all I can about what we do and how we do it. I will work to meet and get to know all of TAI’s staff members — I can’t stress enough how fortunate TAI is to have this amazing team of people. And then, in my spare time, I will begin visiting as many member agencies as possible. How handy that I love to travel!


I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about TAI. My door (proverbial, virtual, and actual) is open. Come on in! Kathleen

(Photo) While at JFK, I had a chance to meet Larry Zeluck, a 14-year volunteer!