Travelers Aid Going Beyond Expectations

A New feature
This story highlights the best example of a volunteer going above and beyond. A series of these stories are featured in this month’s Volunteers' Edition.

Making Connections

Chicago, JFK Tag Team to Get Expat Home to Peoria

In February, Travelers Aid/Chicago was asked by the U.S. State Department to assist in repatriating a former central Illinois resident who had been in Germany since the mid-1980s as he had overstayed his papers. Travelers Aid found a transitional housing shelter and awaited flight information. The State Department booked the Frankfurt-New York-Atlanta-Peoria flight with less than 24-hours’ notice to the individual. In fact, he had to depart Germany before learning of the ground transportation arrangements that would be meeting him in Peoria. Once armed with the details, Travelers Aid Chicago contacted Travelers Aid at JFK Airport. Before the man boarded the Atlanta leg, Travelers Aid/JFK found him and provided him with the rest of his itinerary. Travelers Aid/Chicago arranged the ground transportation with the Illinois Department of Human Services. Upon arrival in Peoria, the expat was met with his ride and made it to the shelter managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs Transitional Housing program.