Travelers Aid Going Beyond Expectations

A a new feature illustrating a volunteer going above and beyond
Effective with this edition, Travelers Aid is revamping our member communications. We are now communicating with you monthly instead of quarterly. This is an effort to keep you better informed. In addition, there will now be three editions of the newsletter – the member edition, which are our reading; our volunteers edition; and a donors edition.
The volunteers edition is an effort to keep the volunteers at our individual locations informed about the larger world of Travelers Aid International. The volunteers edition will feature stand-out volunteer assistance stories from each contributing member. We will select the best example of a volunteer going above and beyond to share with you as a new feature, Impressive, in this members newsletter.
Chicago’s Travelers Aid Team Foils Potential Human Trafficking
A distraught traveler with autism approached Travelers Aid/Chicago O’Hare because she was having problems finding a way a suburban Airbnb. While she had never traveled alone, the woman said she was in Chicago to work for an acting company. A Travelers Aid information desk volunteer referred the individual to the Travelers Aid office staff for assistance with transportation options. While looking at transportation options, the staff discovered that the address for the acting company did not exist. Upon learning this information, the passenger began crying and immediately ran out of the office. A volunteer and staff member then searched the terminal for the passenger. After scouring the airport, the passenger was discovered near an airline customer service desk. She had attempted to change her flight to go back home, but was told this was not possible. After confirming with passenger that she preferred to return home, Travelers Aid spoke to an airline agent and advocated on her behalf. The passenger was then rebooked on the next flight home for the following morning. Travelers Aid helped with her overnight accommodations until she successfully boarded her flight the following morning.
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