Volunteer Activities



Travelers Aid/JFK – New York State Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo honored Helga Wertheimer for her 25 years of volunteer service with Travelers Aid. JFK's General Manager Charles Everett also presented a certificate of achievement. 
Travellers Aid/Toronto – Ontario provincial government honored: Deby Boyd, 10 years; Elizabeth Petko, 10 years; Nik Mlatchkov, 10 years; Jack Lockerby, 15 years; Beppina Bottega, 20 years.
Travelers Aid/Milwaukee – General Mitchell International Airport honored Joyce Loppnow and Thomas Schimelfenyg with the November Customer Service awards and Anita Lytle and Peter Lee with the December Customer Service awards.
Travelers Aid/Dulles – Dulles presented GEM Awards to Eve Wallin, Frank Crummer, Martin O’Brien, and Jamie Larounis.


Travelers Aid/Dulles – Volunteers will participate in AirPrepared, a Dulles program designed to empower badged employees with the information to provide assistance in an airport emergency.
Travelers Aid of the Inland Empire – The program is doubling its volunteer training sessions to 4 this year. One of the 2018 training sessions was a Stop the Bleed course with the training provided by the Ontario Fire Department.


Travelers Aid/Dulles - The program had 2 tour groups visit the Dulles Airport Operations Command center and the Ramp Tower.

Appreciation Events

Travelers Aid/Dulles – Volunteers will be treated to coffee and donuts in February. And, a week of special events is now being planned for National Volunteer Week April 7-13th.
Travelers Aid/JFK – Volunteers were treated to lunch last week at Manor Oktoberfest, a local favorite restaurant.


Travelers Aid/Chicago O’Hare – New volunteers will be sought on Feb. 24 as the agency participates in 7th Annual Chicago Volunteer Expo.