Action: Report of Recent Activity;

Responses to Member Suggestions 

From Dave Asselin, President of Travelers Aid International


This report is based in part on Dave Asselin's report to the membership as well as work that has been underway for the last several months. 

Responding to the Membership:

  • To improve member communication and idea-sharing, Travelers Aid International will host quarterly webinars. Each call will focus on a specific topic with a guest speaker. Is there a topic or speaker you would like to hear? Tell us
  • As we revamp the TAI website, we will include a members-only area to foster communication among members.
  • We will send out a refresher on Purchasing Point group purchasing program.

Recent activity: 

  • Greyhound - Trying to improve the relationship to clear up the ticket problems
  • USO - Trying to re-build the relationship starting with local contacts as well as with the national office
  • United Way - Continuing to seek meetings to improve our relationship.
  • Exploring opportunities to work together with the Crittenten Foundation ( and other similar groups.