Airport Crisis Management  

Concurrent Session, Friday, June 19   

Moderated by Andrea Itkin, TAI


Bottom-line: Don't take on issue we cannot deliver

However, in an ideal situation, members:

  • Would like Travelers Aid to be part of the team that makes the decisions
  • Have liaison with the key individual working with airport management to establish protocols
  • Bridge the disconnect between upper management and the "on the ground" airport personnel
  • Have a diversion plan in place for displaced citizens (or weather stranded travelers)
  • Attend airport's monthly management meeting
  • Develop a quick, easy to follow guide on what to do in case of an active shooter
  • Circulate the evacuation guides for fires and similar emergencies
  • Install panic button at the information desk - Reagan has them

In Weather emergencies:

  • Where to put the passengers
  • Enough sleeping areas
  • Have a process in place - how to assist passengers who can't wait for weather to pass and are waiting for the next available flight
    • Have provisions/supply kit pre-made for these passengers
  • Keep breast pump on hand for emergency use - ask for donation to cover the costs.