Recruiting, Training and Retaining Great Volunteers   


Concurrent Session, Thursday, June 18    



Christian Heaven, Newark Airport

3 steps

  1. Recognize the obstacles to recruiting - at Newark it is the hours and transportation issues
  2. Stress the positives - what do you sell to make the job attractive
  3. Do outreach - target the type of recruits you are seeking

Areas of Newark outreach

  • Colleges and their job fairs
    • Now have 6 students
  • Post on United Way, RSVP boards, Craig's List
  • Recruiting at senior centers has not been successful

Idea Sharing:

  • Seek out airport/av geeks and retired airline employees
  • Provide volunteers with business cards, useful in volunteer- to-volunteer recruitment - best source of new volunteers
  • Use social media


Cliff Heady, Dulles Airport, Volunteer  


3 steps

  1. Prospective volunteer interviewed by a group of volunteers, staff
  2. Orientation and airport tour
  3. Shadowing process - until they feel comfortable

Idea Sharing:

  • Inland Empire - Once training is completed - volunteer graduation ceremony with vest, pin, treats for all present 


Retaining Volunteers

Lisa Fitzpatrick, Reagan Airport, Volunteer

Bottom line - Keep them happy with other social activities and recognitions

Idea Sharing:

  • Staff should visit every volunteer on every shift
  • Keep volunteers informed - they like the scoop of what is going on behind the scenes at the airport, the more information they have the better they can perform
  • Promote volunteers for airport recognition events - WMAA's Gem awards 

Other conversations:

  • Develop a Chat Room for TA members to talk with each other on pending topics
  • Educate the "Airport Family" on our role and what we do