Fund Established to Assist Travelers Aid Agencies

Travelers Aid International now has an agency assistance fund to assist members experiencing financial difficulties. The fund was unveiled to the members at the Annual Meeting on June 6 in Atlanta.

The fund is designed to assist a member encountering financial challenges that can be overcome with some assistance, a financial plan and guidance from other members. The funds can also be tapped to help a new agency get off the ground. The maximum amount is $10,000 and it requires a local match.

Other conditions includes the stipulations that the member agency continues to participate in the Travelers Aid network for at least 3 more years and its executive attends the annual Travelers Aid International conference.

The Board will set aside $25,000 in the next budget, which begins July 1, to fund the program.

The program is not limited to financial funding. Technical, administrative and program advice will also be made available as part of the program.

The Board began work last October and concluded deliberations at its March meeting.

A Board Committee consisting of Kathleen Baldwin, San Diego; David Sinski, Chicago; Jessica Rich, Honolulu; Bruce Collins, independent director; and Dave Asselin, will review any application. Applications may be obtained from either Dave Asselin 
or Kathleen Baldwin.