Bylaws Review Committee to Be Formed

At the June 5 Board Meeting in Atlanta, the Travelers Aid International directors voted to form a subcommittee to review and update the organization's bylaws, which were last examined in 2010. While the entire bylaws will be subject to review, the board decided to specifically consider extending each officer's term by a year to 2 years and to allow a board member to designate an alternate representative to the board.

The subcommittee and the Board will review the bylaws over the next 12 months. The goal is to submit the revisions to the membership for a vote at the 2018 Annual Meeting, which will be held in Chicago.

The Board elected its 2016-2017 officers to serve one more year in the same positions. The 2017-2018 officers: Ed Powers, chair; Floyd Davis, vice chair; Randy Brater, treasurer; and Ellen Horton, secretary.

At the June 6 Annual Meeting, the membership re-elected independent directors, Susan B. Perry and Deborah McElroy, each to their third, 4-year term. In addition, Heartland Alliance will now be represented by David Sinski to replace Jessica Rooney, who has taken on additional responsibilities at the Chicago agency.