Four New Directors Elected

At the Annual Meeting during the conference, the members elected four new board members:
  • Dick DeiTos, executive director, Metropolitan Washington Airlines Committee; and a former TAI board member.
  • Tim Gillespie, of BGL Associations, a Bethesda, Md.-based transportation consulting firm. He was an Amtrak executive from 1979 to 1998.
  • Susan Martin, now a Dulles Airport volunteer after a two-year stint as a Travelers Aid staff member at Dulles. She had previously worked for United Airlines for 34 years in accounting and finance.
  • Maria Suggett, president of Mountaintop, an educational consulting company in Littleton, Colo. She is also a former board member of the Travelers Aid Society of San Diego.
Each member will serve a three-year term that begins July 1.
The four will replace directors Ross Capon, the former president of the National Association of Railroad Passengers; Joan Lowden, a former executive with American Association of Airport Executives, and David Fleming, a Dulles volunteer and a former attorney with Gannet. Each of these directors completed their terms and was not eligible for re-election to the board.
Continuing directors include Floyd Davis, president of Community Link; Randall Brater, a partner with Washington law firm of Arent Fox; Ellen Horton, a former executive with American Association of Airport Executives; Susan Perry, a retired transportation consultant; Bruce Collins, general counsel at C-SPAN; Deborah McElroy, a consultant with Airports Council International – North America; Jessica Lani Rich, president of Travelers Aid of Honolulu; Periann Pulliam, CEO, Upward Transitions; Tara Hamilton, a public relations consultant; Mollie Hester, CEO, Travelers Aid of Greater Birmingham; Marcy Roke, interim president, Travelers Aid Society of San Diego; David Sinski, executive director, Heartland Human Care Services; and Jeff Smythe, CEO, HOPE Atlanta.