Travelers Aid Going Beyond Expectations


A New feature
This feature highlights reports of our volunteers and staff members going above and beyond expectations in assisting our passengers.
Hartford: Volunteers Don’t Punch Time Clocks
Evelyn Dahl, a volunteer with Travelers Aid/Bradley Airport, successfully reunited a passenger who arrived in Hartford to attend a funeral with her family. When the passenger deplaned, she could not find the relative who was picking her up, and she did not have a cell phone to call the family. After she approached Travelers Aid, Evelyn called the funeral home trying to find a family member, but did not immediately get the information the women needed. While on the airport shuttle bus to the parking lot at the end of her shift, Evelyn got a call back from the funeral home. She immediately returned to the terminal, located the woman and situated her so she could spot her family members as they drove up to the arrivals area.
Reagan: Volunteer’s Language Skills Again Prove Useful
The language skills of Travelers Aid/Reagan volunteer Daphne Kamely r­­eunited a woman traveling from Uruguay with her Washington family making for a happy Valentine’s Day. Arriving on a domestic American Airlines flight, the woman was unable to find her daughter and approached the Travelers Aid information desk and asked Daphne, who is fluent in Spanish, for help. After an initial round of pages failed to get the family together, Daphne found the son elsewhere in the airport and the daughter outside seeking a parking spot. She successfully got the two siblings reunited with their mother at the Travelers Aid information desk.
Chicago: Staff Aids Traveler Fleeing Domestic Abuse
The Travelers Aid/Chicago social services supervisor provided emotional support and guidance to get a passenger fleeing a domestic violence situation onto a flight. The woman initially approached the Travelers Aid office seeking help with her luggage and relief from the airline baggage fees. In the privacy of the office, the supervisor assisted her in repacking her luggage to avoid the extra fee. The supervisor then escorted the woman to the airline and successfully advocated on her behalf.
Oklahoma City: Volunteer Navigates a Family Reunion
Travelers Aid volunteer Sharon Burnett assisted a 75-year-old woman meeting her son arriving from Alabama at Will Rogers World Airport. Sharon assisted her in navigating the airport including reading the flight information display, locating the appropriate gate and then determining where she had parked.
Dulles: Problem-Solving Volunteer Keeps On-Time Departure
On March 5, Travelers Aid/Dulles Airport volunteer Clif Heady solved a paperwork problem for a transferring passenger: how to correctly declare moving more than $10,000 out of the country while not missing his flight to Munich. The passenger, who had arrived on a domestic United flight and had just an hour until boarding his Munich-bound plane, approached Clif at the Travelers Aid information booth. The passenger had been advised by a United ticket agent in the Midwest to file his Customs and Border Protection declaration papers at Dulles. Clif was hesitant to direct the passenger to the CBP office for fear the man would miss his flight so he called the office. The CBP officer told the passenger to wait at the Travelers Aid booth, as he would bring the paperwork to him. The passenger was delighted to receive such efficient customer service, and he was able to make his flight.
Washington: Stranded Family Gets to Continue Home
A family of 5 requested assistance from Travelers Aid/Union Station on a snowy day in February. They were traveling to North Carolina and their car malfunctioned after sliding on a patch of ice. Unable to afford the costly repairs, the family abandoned their vehicle at a local service station. Travelers Aid was able to verify their residence, the children's school attendance, and was able provide bus tickets so the family could return home to North Carolina.