TAI Revamping Its Communication Efforts 

Travelers Aid International in the coming months will be taking firm steps to improve our communications with you. This new digital edition of Journeys is just the first step.
Journeys will now be published quarterly and it will include our latest news
and it will include your news. Provide your feedback

Next up with be the first membership directory since 1998, the new directory will be released this summer and it will include a profile on each member as well as cross-reference indexes to quickly find peer colleagues who face similar challenges at other agencies.  

In the months ahead look for a new Travelers Aid International website that will be both mobile-friendly and have a gateway to a members-only resource area. And, a fall publication date is envisioned for a new Travelers Aid International Annual Report. This report will include the auditor's report for the FY 2014-15 and it will focus on the work of the headquarters office and our members to tell the story of Travelers Aid.