Travelers Aid Website:
New Look, More Resources

Earlier this month, Travelers Aid International replaced its tired, outdated website with a new look and more member resources. The URL remains the same -
When we began the redesign process, we set 3 primary goals:

-- To make it easier for those in need to find help - we have included a locator map on the homepage

-- To raise our profile - we now have upfront stats on just what Travelers Aid is all about
-- Facilitate peer-to-peer communication - a new members only are contains the Membership Directory, Best Practices ideas and discussion forums, and a searchable database on member news.

This and earlier newsletters are now archived on the website. Complete PDFs of each newsletter are available at While a searchable database of all newsletter stories is available to members at
The new design is also mobile-friendly.
To access the Members Only area, you will need credentials to pass thru the gateway. Unique login credentials have been created for each member agency. If you need your credentials, please contact Tom Smith at