Travellers Aid Expands
By Transporting Football Fans 

Travellers Aid Australia, based in Melbourne, has recently expanded its operations away from train stations to now serve Australian Rules football fans.
The Australian Football League (AFL) season runs each winter from March to September. This season, Travellers Aid provided a buggy (golf cart) service for fans with disabilities that could not walk the hilly 1-mile trek from the closest train station to the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium. It was to have been just an 8-week pilot program but was extended to cover the whole season. Usage at each game quickly exceeded the projected 100 fans to reach 250 users per game.

For the approaching cricket season, Travellers Aid CEO Elias Lebbos said that Travellers Aid has been asked to provide a similar buggy service.

The stadium service, an outgrowth of a new strategic plan, is an attempt to diversify the agency's revenue stream while also expanding its outreach to the disabled community, Lebbos explained. See the full story in our Best Practices