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Other Ways

Other Ways to Give Cash?

Workplace Campaigns and Corporate Support

Today it is common for corporations, and businesses see it as part of their responsibility to their employees and the communities in which they do business, to give back in a tangible way. Matching gift programs, annual workplace campaigns, and direct support through employee volunteerism, grants, and sponsorships are the most common types of corporate support.

Employee and retiree donations and volunteer efforts often determine which charities receive corporate support. We encourage you to check with your Human Resources or Corporate giving department to let them know about your contributions to Travelers Aid. You can also inquire in your workplace about the following:

  • Encouraging volunteer activities
  • Financial support through grants or sponsorships
  • Forming a corporate team within an event
  • Donating product or merchandise to an event or program activity
  • Conducting a dedicated in-house campaign

Please check with your Human Resources or Corporate giving department to find out ways to involve your company in support of Travelers Aid.

Matching Gift Programs

Many corporations offer matching gift programs as a way to encourage charitable giving among their employees and retirees. The process is simple, complete your company’s matching gift form and forward it to Travelers Aid. We will certify the amount and date of your donation to be matched. If your company has a matching gifts program, it’s a great way to multiply the value of your donation!

Workplace Giving

In the same spirit of giving back, companies of all sizes and government employers conduct annual charitable campaigns for their employees. Some are inclusive; others may be limited to a select list of charities generally chosen by employee committees or surveys. If Travelers Aid is not included in your employer’s charitable campaign you will have to generate interest within the company to have Travelers Aid included as a designated beneficiary/interest area.

For Further Information or help with work place giving please contact:

Travelers Aid International
5000 Sunnyside Ave., Suite 103
Beltsville, MD 20705