A network of social service agencies and transportation services

Passengers Served

Travelers Aid Volunteers Assists 9M Travelers

Network Helps Travelers in Making Connections Along the Way


Travelers Aid operates customer service facilities in 24 transportation centers on 2 continents, including these major airports, New York JFK, Washington Dulles, Chicago O’Hare, DFW and San Francisco. With more than 550 million passengers passing by our information booths each year, our 2,000-plus Travelers Aid volunteers assist more than 9.1 million passengers.


The North American Travelers Aid network includes 17 U.S. airports as well as 4 train stations in Washington, Philadelphia, Toronto and San Diego. Our international network also includes 3 train stations serving Melbourne, Australia.

At about half of our airports, we operate under the Travelers Aid name and blue man logo. At the other airports, the individual airports market these volunteers as ambassadors or similar names. Whatever the name, members of the Travelers Aid network can assist passengers, especially those with special travel needs trying to make connecting flights.

The services provided include assistance in making flight connections, airport questions, lost and found, meet and greets, local transportation information, local tourism. Some airport booths are staffed by social workers and they are trained to go beyond giving directions.

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