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Travelers Aid International Staff

Corporate Staff

5000 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite 103 Beltsville, MD 20705

Kathleen Baldwin, President & CEO (202) 546-1127 ext. 101 • kathleen@travelersaid.org

Thomas J. Smith, Director of Communications & Development (202) 546-1127 ext. 102 • tom@travelersaid.org

Lynn Adams, Administrative Coordinator (202) 546-1127 ext. 104 • lynn@travelersaid.org

Travelers Aid New York/New Jersey/Connecticut
JFK Airport
(718) 656-4870
Jane Mrosko, Program Manager
Patti Englert, Assistant Manager

Newark Airport
(973) 623-5052
Maria Milagros Bocco, Coordinator of Volunteers

Bradley International Airport
(860) 292-2056
Mary Kate Doherty, Program Manager

Travelers Aid Washington D.C.
Dulles Airport
(703) 572-7350
Peter Lauten, Program Manager
Tina Mally, Assistant Manager
Aliza Mendelowitz, Coordinator of Volunteers

Reagan Airport
(703) 417-3975
Leanne Omland, Program Manager
Priscilla Carey, Assistant Manager
Manon Carle, Coordinator of Volunteers

Union Station
For assistance call: (240) 505-4255
Sheila Dashiell, Program Manager
Willie Ringold, Director of Social Services