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Travelers Aid Assisting UNION Passengers Since 1957

More than 85 Volunteers Provide a Helping Hand Along the Way

Guided by a professional staff, the volunteers of Travelers Aid UNION provide travelers through John F. Kennedy International Airport with information concerning the airport and the New York metro area. Additionally, Travelers Aid UNION offers insight into not only general airport inquiries but also more in-depth situations involving social service support for individuals and families traveling to and from New York.

Travelers Aid UNION maintains information booths in the airport’s Terminals 1,4,5,7 and 8.

Travelers Aid UNION is operated by Travelers Aid International and its services are funded by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. In 2015, Travelers Aid UNION assisted more than 425,000 travelers.

Travelers Aid UNION is part of a national network of 44 social service agencies and transportation services organized to assist in meeting the critical needs of individuals, frequently in crisis situations, by extending “A Helping Hand Along the Way.”

Through our network, nearly 5,000 Travelers Aid volunteers and professional staff members assists more than 29 million individuals including travelers, veterans, seniors, children, and homeless to get from a position of instability to stability.

As part of a network of 20 Travelers Aid Transportation Centers, including 17 airports, Travelers Aid UNION makes the network work for our travelers by reaching out to our partners, which also includes Newark Liberty International Airport, to assist travelers experiencing unexpected challenges in making cross-country flight connections.

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