The Art of Lending a Helping Hand 

Volunteers assist the traveling public at JFK Airport

Travelers Aid at John F. Kennedy International Airport assists passengers who experience problems such as missed airline connections, flight delays, and lost luggage.  Our information desks are staffed by a core group of dedicated volunteers who can guide travelers with answers to any question about the airport or the New York metro area. The Travelers Aid professional staff manages the volunteer program and offers social service support to individuals and families stranded or encountering challenges while at the airport.

Operated by Travelers Aid International, the JFK Airport program and its services are funded by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. In 2016, the program assisted more than 440,000 travelers.

Travelers Aid/JFK Airport is part of a network of 20 other Travelers Aid Transportation Centers, which includes airports, train stations and bus terminals. These programs work collaboratively with our network partners to assist travelers experiencing unexpected challenges in making cross-country connections.