Webinar Series #6 – Community Partnerships

TAI Webinar #6 addressed the issue of community partnerships, featuring a presentation by Ceciley Bradford, MS, MBA, chief financial officer at Families Forward Philadelphia. Ceciley guided participants through the partnering process, emphasizing the importance of clarifying and communicating your need, self-evaluation, isolating your impact and leveraging your strengths.

Webinar Series #5 — Human Trafficking 101

Human Trafficking 101 was the subject of TAI’s fifth educational webinar, which took place on June 17 and was presented by Summar Ghia, director of Chicago’s Heartland Human Care Services’ Freedom from Trafficking Program since December 2019.

Webinar Series #4 — Moving Past COVID

Travelers Aid International’s fourth webinar in its educational series focused on guidance as our country moves past COVID, including advice from medical, legal and social services experts.

Webinar Series #2: Focusing on ‘Why’

Travelers Aid International 0n Dec. 3 held its second in a series of Zoom webinars, this one addressing “Developing Your Story: Engaging Donors and Stakeholders in the Why Behind Our Work.”

This interactive session was presented by David Sinski, executive director, and Joe Dutra, associate director of external affairs, with Heartland Alliance/Travelers Aid Chicago.

“COVID-19 has made it harder than ever to connect with our communities, so sharing the impact of our work and inspiring supporters has become more important than ever,” David believes. “This webinar will detail concrete ways for us to refine our own stories to be effective – especially in the social and digital realms. We will learn how to be true champions of work and build a foundation for storytelling that motivates communities to act by using simple tools that will help us all become master storytellers.”

Webinar Series #1: Taking Care of Yourself and Others

Join Travelers Aid for a discussion about taking care of yourself while taking care of others. This online webinar, presented by Jason Miller with Families Forward Philadelphia, offers unique insight into the importance of self-care, such as recognizing the definitive signs of burnout.