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Stranded or Homeless: Tell Us Where You Are

Travelers Aid members can provide direct assistance to eligible individuals and families in the 32 cities. Services and hours vary with each city. The first step is to tell us where you are and then use the agency’s contact information to obtain help.

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Need Assistance While Traveling

Travelers Aid agencies staff information booths at 17 airports, 7 train stations and several bus depots. While traveling, do you need extra help, assistance meeting a traveler on an arriving flight, translation assistance, locating a lost item or just need to know the location of a shuttle bus? Our volunteers and staff members help more than 9 million travelers each year so don’t be shy, just ask. If you anticipate a travel challenge before you fly, call our volunteers in your home airport or at your destination. Services vary at each location.

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Can’t Find A Local Travelers Aid Agency?

If you cannot find an agency or you would rather have us find one for you, then please take a moment and fill-in our form. Please describe your problem and specific assistance you are seeking. We will reach out to you using the contact information you provide. This is not a 24-hour/7-day service so if you contact us outside of normal business hours we will respond once we are back in the office. Please keep this in mind when providing contact information.

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Dial 2-1-1 for Immediate Assistance

Most communities support a local social services hotline designed to put you in touch with local resources. Just dial 2-1-1. If you are in a community that does not have a Travelers Aid member, please call 2-1-1 to find out if there is a local charity that can help you.

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